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"Dangerously Delicious" BBQ Dog Treats!

We make healthy, homemade, all natural dog treats, loaded with choice meat and only the best ingredients. The small sizes make them great for training too! Gluten and Grain Free flavors available. No preservatives, salt, sugar, or colorings added

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 We make our treats using the same skills/techniques we mastered while competing professional BBQ competitions.  All the Brisket, Pork Butt and Turkey we use to make our Dog Treats are Slow smoked for many hours over a natural wood charcoal fire in the same smokers used to win awards at KCBS BBQ competitions.
Brisket                                      Pork                                        Turkey
We think that gives our treats a "Southern flair" not found in any other dog treats!



Meet "Fatback" the pup that started it all!
Our treats helped turn this                                             Into this!          
Each of our treats are thoroughly and regularly taste tested for desirability

by this very spoiled Akita...








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