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"Dangerously Delicious" BBQ Dog Treats!

We make healthy, homemade, all natural dog treats, loaded with choice meat and only the best ingredients. The small sizes make them great for training too! Gluten and Grain Free flavors available. No preservatives, salt, sugar, or colorings added

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Company History

We started baking these treats out of necessity. In 2010 on July 4th weekend, at a whopping 14lbs we took our baby bundle of joy home. He was the cutest little pup. We knew he would grow quickly in order to reach the estimated 130lbs that we were given from the breeder. And boy did he ever! We went through tons of treats for clicker and normal everyday training and the treats became expensive.

I decided to try my hand at baking homemade treats to cut down on expense and to know exactly what the ingredients were in the product. We had recently begun to compete in KCBS competitive BBQ events and were doing quite well "top ten average"! There always seemed to be a large amount of leftover Brisket and Pork and I began to incorporate those into the treats. Well, they were a hit! I gave them away as gifts to Dog People for Christmas gifts etc and we received nothing but positive comments. Dogs with even the most discriminating taste absolutely loved them!
We had discussed opening a BBQ restaurant in the past but couldn't quite work out the kinks. The long hours,location etc, but we felt as if this provided us an opportunity to incorporate both of our hobbies into one venture. Thanks to all of our friends and family, dog park people and most importantly Carnivorous Canines!!!!

2010 KCBS BBQ Competition Photos



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